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About Trellidor

Trellidor is an international company and market leader in Israel and around the world.

The Trellidor Group was established in 1991 by Henry Zimmerman, Hagai Damati and Malachi Damati, who continue to manage the company today. The primary focus of the Group’s work is the manufacture of steel and aluminum building elements. Over 1000 different products are manufactured daily, customized to the unique requirements of every client. The products are marketed to customers in Israel and worldwide.

Our state-of-the-art plant, located on a 7 acre plot in the northern town of Carmiel, is controlled by ERP technology especially developed by us, using the most advanced, sophisticated equipment available.

The Trellidor Group comprises 600 employees in different locations in Israel and other countries, with a logistics center at Yehud, in the center of Israel, and branches and warehouses in Beer Sheva in the south and Carmiel in the north.

Trellidor also has a plant in Los Angeles, USA, making our top-or-the-range aluminum products now available to US residents.

The Trellidor Group marketing personnel in Germany, Greece, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ukraine and Russia.


Below is a breakdown of our subsidiaries:



Grilles, railings, gates and pergolas 1-700-505-200

Trellidor’s 350 employees in different fields include 60 installation and service teams. We believe in investing in human capital and development and incorporating these into our high quality products.

Trellidor Israel has a 30 year history of manufacturing, marketing and installing a wide selection of security products designed for homes and businesses. These include metal grilles and bars to secure various types of openings. Designs include fixed grilles, retractable (harmonica) grilles, see-through grilles and grilles tailor-made  for the specific needs of the customer. The company’s branches around the country offer a variety of unique and creative solutions. Consultation is available for every type of customer, private or corporate, architects, inspectors and builders. 



Electronic Manufacturing 077-5555800

Incomac Blocker Ltd. (formerly “Incomac”) was established in 1978.

We specialize in the manufacture of electronic packaging, metal casting, precision chip processing, roll-forming, pipe punching and bending, complex laser works and more. Our main market comprises the high-tech, security and medical industries. The company’s primary clientele includes, among others: Israel Aerospace Industries  (IAI), the Defense Ministry, Israel Navy, Elbit Systems, Flextronics, Opgal Optronic Industries, Sanmina SCI Israel Medical Systems and Matan Health Services.

The company’s 100 employees work in a production facility in Carmiel Industrial Area.

To Incomac website Click here>>



Construction and Controlled Greenhouses 04-9961463

The company, established 27 years ago, builds metal buildings and complex structures combining a variety of coverings.

We also specialize in controlled greenhouses for R&D purposes, as located today in many universities and research institutes.

Other products include the provision of shaded awnings and pergolas, humidity pads, environmental plant growth chambers and more.




Operational Equipment for Logistics Centers    04-6272821

Eltron Ltd. was established in 1974 as a small family concern. At first the company focused on the installation of garage doors for private homes and was the first in Israel to manufacture garage doors. Over the years Eltron has acquired an excellent reputation and today is considered a leader in the field. Manufacture and assembly take place at the company’s plant in Caesarea’s industrial park. Products include: dock levelers, sectional doors, roller doors, fire resistant rolling shutters and smoke curtains, high speed doors, dock shelters, dock control traffic light systems, bumpers, wheel lock vehicle restraints, steel loading dock bridges, air curtains, wheel conveyors, dock seals.

In 2019 Eltron was bought by the Trellidor Group.



Trellidor has been exporting its gates and fences to the USA through a distributor name Mulholland Security Center for the last two years with great success.  

Due to this success on the 1 January 2019 Trellidor purchased 51% of Mulholland Security Center LLC and this company will very soon be in a position to Market, Manufacture , Install and give service to Trellidor’s range of products.

In order to achieve this Mulholland is setting up a very big factory which will manufacture the different products in the USA