Trellidor Presents: Laser-Cut Designs for Home Exteriors and Interiors

שער כניסה לבית מחיתוך לייזר

The dynamic pace characterizing the world of design and architecture demands innovation and creativity to ensure success in current projects and expand professional horizons in the future. Designers and architects who identify design trends and contemporary styles and know how to address all stages and aspects of a project are the ones who establish themselves in the field. At Trellidor, this understanding is clear and guides us at every step alongside leading aluminum and home protection industry professionals. With over three decades of experience designing and manufacturing cutting-edge solutions, we provide flexibility, professional guidance, and technology that allows you to focus on the smallest and most precise details in creating various spaces while working with your clients.


This time, we are pleased to introduce a series of laser-cut models that provide a fresh and unique look for homes, applicable in designing gates, fences, interior partitions, and more. Trellidor’s laser-cut series redefines the possibilities available to you when it comes to patterns, finishes, and styles, giving you complete control over how our products contribute to the sense of security and privacy until they meet the ideal intersection between functionality and aesthetics, bringing your architectural vision to life.


Laser-Cut Designs – Endless Application Possibilities


We offer a wide range of laser-cut designs that can be applied to various products, from gates, fences, and railings to pergolas, cladding, and canopies. Thus, we assist in providing the required level of finish for every chosen style in the fields of design and architectural planning. Our available technology allows for focused, personalized, high-quality planning that complements the designed living experience. Diverse design options stretch the imagination and cater to all styles – from circular patterns and geometric shapes to unique oriental motifs and modern, clean designs. This versatility allows tailoring to the tastes of diverse clients and various building purposes, whether private, public, or commercial. At Trellidor, our work is based on manufacturing quality, adherence to the strictest safety standards, and professional guidance throughout the process – for you and your clients.


It’s Time to Make Room for Imagination


At Trellidor, we believe that freedom of choice and creativity are the heart and anchor of every high-quality design project. Therefore, alongside the variety of models in the catalog, we allow you to order custom products and design a one-time product that precisely meets your needs. The laser-cut series enables seamless integration of our products with any architectural vision, from waterproof louvers with an elegant pattern for maximum privacy to ethnic, hi-tech, and industrial styles that add an extra dimension to home design. The option to combine styles ensures that each project receives a personal touch.


In addition to imagination, we provide a practical service envelope to help you complete the project early, efficiently, and conveniently without burdening your dealings with your clients, whether it’s consulting, measurement, delivery, or installation services.


Future Technology in Design Services


We implement leading laser-cut manufacturing solutions to ensure optimal accuracy in every project. In our factory, three laser cutting machines for flat surfaces and a pipe cutting machine operate at the highest standards. The modern machinery, the only one of its kind in Israel, ensures that Trellidor can produce customized products, with the only limits being the creative boundaries set by our clients.


Precise Integration of Aesthetics and Functionality in Home Design


The innovative look of the laser-cut series turns every gate, fence, or cladding into a unique product. However, the advantage of this series goes beyond aesthetics. Creating partitions and divisions inside and outside the home allows you to offer your clients a wide range of living qualities. From creating niches out of thin air, stylish closure of stairwells, and studio space utilization to adding an extra layer of privacy to the most intimate spaces. Additionally,


laser-cut designs allow you to effectively control the entry of natural light and airflow into the space and plan intersections that enable diverse uses in the delicate balance between privacy and interaction with the outside.


Trellidor is Your Partner for Design Excellence


With over three decades of professional experience and an unwavering commitment to advanced and unique manufacturing methods, Trellidor has become synonymous with quality and reliability. We continuously train our team in the most advanced manufacturing techniques and operate with all the tools to tailor our products to your needs precisely. All Trellidor products are coated with high-quality UV-resistant paint, ensuring the perfect appearance is preserved over time.


This added value that we bring to every job allows you to enjoy a high-level finish for years and significantly increases the property’s value. With a wide range of products, there’s no architectural style we cannot cater to. 

This is your opportunity to join forces with a manufacturer prioritizing quality and safety, opening up a new and exciting world with laser-cut designs. For more information on our laser-cut product range and to address any questions, we invite you to contact us here, and we will get back to you soon with all the details needed to start your next project.


Let's create your next project with us

Let's create your next project with us