About Trellidor company

The Trellidor Company is the parent company of the Trellidor Group, which consists of several companies.

Since its founding in 1991, Trellidor has become Israel’s largest, most experienced, and beloved company for protection, shading, and home and yard envelope products. Over the years, the company has become a brand that brings beauty and security to every home in Israel.

As a pioneer in shielding and aluminum for all its advantages, Trellidor offers its customers the richest and highest quality range of products. The company’s products include gates and fences, security bars, pergolas, exterior and interior railings, laser cuts, coverings, and more.

The company’s factories are located in a large complex in Karmiel, with a total area of approximately 55,000 square meters. Using the most innovative equipment in the world, we produce over 3000 unique products every day using the Taylor Made method, according to the customer’s requirements.

The company has one of Israel’s most professional marketing, service, and operating systems, with over 50 sales agents and 120 installation teams nationwide.

The Trellidor company employs about 500 who get up every morning with a mission to provide the best service while providing a personal and high-quality response to every need and request.

Projects Department

In recent years, the Trellidor company has been expanding its activities in the professional sectors. It has even established a dedicated department for the project-contractor industry with a unique product line that matches the contractor’s needs. The projects department provides contractors with the best professional service by providing close and personal support in all project phases.

The department’s clients include the largest construction companies in Israel.

years of experience

The most experienced company in the field of protection and house envelope


The group’s factories are equipped with the most advanced and best mechanization in the world

different products

The Trellidor company produces thousands of different products a day and everything is customized

installations per day

On an average day, Trellidor’s field teams reach hundreds of customers a day

installation and sales teams

Nationwide deployment and extensive field activity – we provide uncompromising service


One-stop shop

We at Trellidor provide our customers with the most comprehensive solution with a wide range of customized products and models in protection, shading, and house and yard envelopes.


with over 35 years of experience and 50 sales agents in the private sector, a project department, and an architect department, we undertake to give you professional solutions and close support throughout all project stages.

Trellidor increases the value of the property

Trellidor products are mentioned in thousands of real estate ads for sale and rent due to being the most designed, long-lasting, and safe products that increase the value of your property.


Innovation is the keyword, and we at Trellidor live innovation daily. In our factories, you can find the most advanced equipment in the world, including an innovative color plant, laser and bending machines, robots, etc., and the highest quality raw materials


Trellidor's customer family is the power that drives the company with over a million satisfied customers who have brought beauty and security into their homes.

"Blue and white" production

Terllidor is an Israeli company that works to strengthen the economy, employ workers from all population regions, and promote the periphery of Israel.

Green factory

The company's factories comply with the Ministry of Environmental Protection standards, and the group's management invests significant resources to protect the environment.

בקרת איכות וצבע

בקרת איכות קפדנית תוך שימוש בטכנולוגיות ייצור מתקדמות והגנת UV לשמירת איכות גבוהה ועמידות לאורך זמן.