Trellidor’s quality products – security bars, gates, fences, pergolas, and railings have been with you for over 35 years!
The most durable and designed product that will keep your home beautiful and safe.

The Shell of the House and the Yard

Gates, fences, exterior railings, cladding, and shingles: there is nothing like a first impression, especially when it comes to the front of the house, which reflects the life of the residents inside it to the outside. Therefore, it is essential to put a lot of thought into choosing gates, coverings, and fences for the house due to their economic value in increasing the property’s value and the natural feeling of entering the home. Trellidor produces the widest variety of aluminum products for house shells, which are of the best quality and have long-term durability. 

And in a personal way, did we say?

שער כניסה וחניה לבן
תקנת שער וגדר בבית פרטי
שער חשמלי
שער חשמלי
סורגים שקופים
סורג לעסק
סורג קבוע
סורג מתקפל

Protection and Security

Security bars for the house, business, and railing elevations: Trellidor – the national leader! Trellidor is a pioneer in the protection field in Israel and, over the years, has become a household name. Trellidor bars provide maximum safety to prevent falls and protect your home from break-ins. We have developed various models for you – folding, fixed, and transparent- guaranteeing you a great sense of security. 

For years, Trellidor Bars have been manufactured with the most advanced technology without welding, with the best electrostatic painting and lifetime durability.


Pergolas, pergolas, Zips: looking for a shading solution for your balcony or garden suitable for the Israeli climate? You have come to the right place – Trellidor is the leading shading company in Israel with dozens of models of pergolas – fixed, floating, electric, and more. 

Our shading products are custom-made, with uncompromising quality, and in the variety of Trellidor’s color palette – including wood-like ones.

פרגולה מרחפת
פרגולה לגינה
פרגולת הצללה
פרגולה למרפסת
פרגולה לבנה מאלומיניום
משרביה דקורטיבית
משרביה בחיתוך לייזר

The Interior of the House

The interior of the house: whether you are a person of modern and clean design or a classic and warm design – we at Trellidor have the perfect solution for your home/apartment. We have developed dozens of examples of spectacular and unique interior railings that combine amazingly with our range of aluminum and glass interior railings that meet every design and safety need and all the strictest standards.

Company advantages

Quality Control

Strict quality control using advanced production technologies to maintain a high level of quality and durability over time.

Design and luxury

We are committed to an up-to-date design standard at the highest level of finish adapted to the unique needs of the customer.

Israeli production

Trellidor factories = Israeli industry and national pride. We are proud of employing hundreds of Israelis and advanced local production for Israel and the world.


Over 50 sales agents and 120 installation and service teams in a wide deployment to provide a fast, professional and, reliable response.

Leave details, and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Professional audience

The Trellidor company established two dedicated departments to accompany contractors, architects, designers, and professionals in projects of any size nationwide. From now on, you will be able to easily and quickly keep up to date with new products and models, exposure to projects, new technologies, and dates for exclusive tours and events for the professional audience.