“In Trellidor, we understand contractors.”

The Trellidor Group’s contractors division was established to provide contractors with a quick and high-quality response that combines service and high performance.


To satisfy the operational needs of complex projects, we put at your service an innovative and unique department of its kind in Israel, whose purpose is to provide you with planning, engineering, production, and installation services of aluminum and glass products for the project, as well as – close and professional support under the authority of the architect, together with special prices for contractors and entrepreneurs, on a regular and complete basis until the end of the project.


The mental flexibility, creativity, and service of the Trellidor group, in cooperation with its subsidiaries, allow us to provide an extensive product range suitable for the needs of the construction industry and will enable architect-wide flexibility in the design and planning of the project.


The customers of the Terllidor Group enjoy peace of mind in all aspects of the aluminum, iron, and glass products standard in the leading construction projects all over the country.

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Benefits for contractors


advanced and unique
production methods


30 years of experience
and over a million satisfied

Premium service

close escort, personal
and professional treatment

Dyeing and quality

the highest quality raw materials
and the most comprehensive
dyeing process


Trellidor products have been
proven to increase property value


a wide range of products
and the ability to develop products
according to the customer's needs

Engineering department

providing professional and fast
engineering solutions already
in the work area

Projects Department

accompanying entrepreneurs
and contractors all over the country

Your projects are our pride

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