Profile Gate

The architect - Yael Dales Bacher

The location?



What was installed?


Profiles model 24 gate is custom designed according to a special request of the client and the architect


Who is behind the design concept?


Yael Dales Bacher, the architect, says: “The idea for the work and the planning was by the work plans I provided.”


Why did you choose this design style?


“The house was designed so that the exterior and interior convey the same language. Without contrasts, monochromatic colors throughout the range of grays, and in combination with natural oak wood inside the house – the house radiates peace.”


Why did I choose to work with Trellidor on this project? “Trellidor was selected to do the work because it allowed me to plan unique details in full coordination between the company’s chief engineer and myself, and the results are spectacular.

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Let's create your next project with us